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Bell Engineering’s Custom Solutions and Portfolio of BEgreen™ Technologies
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Does your company have a carbon footprint it needs to reduce?

At Bell Engineering, we design solutions that make a difference in both industry and environment.

Our team’s innovative technologies and decades of expertise can solve for efficiency, costs, and environmental concerns.

We love a challenge!

Contact us today and we'll get started designing a solution to reduce your company's carbon footprint.

Our patent pending solutions include designs that reduce or eliminate emissions, separate oil and aggregates, recycle material, and restore physical and chemical properties

Our commitment to smart, sustainable design is a premier advantage for refineries, chemical companies, and other clients throughout the Gulf Coast.

See below to explore our portfolio of BEgreen™ patent pending technologies

A process that removes hydrocarbons from oilfield produced water and produces water suitable for agricultural purposes.

An absorption refrigeration process enhanced by utilizing liquid-jet gas compressors for CO₂ sequestration, NGL recovery, and refrigeration.

Innovative technology for CO₂ capture, compression, and sequestration. Liquid piston design. At a cost of $0.75 per MMSCFD for pipeline pressure (0 – 2,200 psig).

Suitable for gas-fired processes, it takes combustion exhaust or flue-gas and removes the CO2 from the air stream using a solvent absorber.

A zero-NOx line heater that can be positioned inside classified areas and go where no line heater has gone before.

The future of oil stabilization. It removes 100% of volatiles at sales gas pressures with no vapor recovery compression required.

Produces liquid CO2 and clean electricity. CO2 can then be transported by pipeline for use in enhanced oil recovery (EOR) operations.

Incinerates municipal solid waste with no vapor emissions. Liquid CO2, char, scrap metal, water, and electrical power are the only products.

With zero-emissions it separates oil, aggregate, and filler so that the oil can be rejuvenated and used for virgin asphalt quality paving.

In oilfield surface facility vapor recovery, this will replace traditional positive displacement compressors and blowers.

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