BEgreen™ Heating

Zero NOx Catalytic Line Heater Technology

The rules have changed over the years, but gas-fired water bath heater technology has not kept pace.

Current line heater technology involves a large installation footprint, operates inefficiently, and includes a hazardous rating which requires special consideration of placement. Additionally, there are concerns with hot spots and failures due to metal fatigue.

BEgreen™ Heating is a zero NOx line heater that utilizes a patent pending process involving an efficient catalytic radiant heater. This allows direct heating of produced oil or gas. The result is a significantly smaller footprint and lower cost. The heater is enclosed and there is no open flame. This innovative design allows a BEgreen™ Heating unit to be positioned in classified areas that a traditional line heater would not be permitted in.

BEgreen™ Heating has the capability to operate in an environmentally clean, reimagined, direct-fired way
it can heat your gas and your liquid anywhere between 100 – 500 °F with no flame impingement or metal fatigue.

BEgreen™ Heating allows you to exceed environmental, regulatory, and budget expectations.


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